Los Angeles and San Jose CPR Certification and First Aid training by John Tyler and Associates
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1. CPR Training is 2 - 3 hours depending on certification level
2. First Aid is 90 minutes, both courses follow the 2010
national standards.
3. CPR cards are valid 2 years (twice as long as red cross); First Aid cards valid 3 years.
4. The training is kept simple, in plain English, and is light-hearted and enjoyably entertaining along the way! Nothing tedious or dull guaranteed.
California child care providers: We offer you the needed full length Pediatric CPR and First Aid courses. These courses go into more detail than our normal courses and thus will have a longer format.

Approved to teach under all major certification programs in CPR, like Red Cross, American Heart Association, EMSA for Child Care, and ASHI, John Tyler and Associates blends the best of each program to give you and your licensing agency exactly what you need. No 8 hour days, or multiple visits, our classes are kept easy, entertainingly fun, and concise, cutting out a lot of talk and having you simply remember by doing. Our 2~3 hour classes end up being about 1/4 talk, 3/4 practice. In teaching over 40,000 people, over 19 years, we have listened to how our clients like to learn, and made a highly effective program for you!


CPR Course

Covering adult, child, and infant CPR, Heart Attack, Stroke, and choking help. Los Angeles CPR training and San Jose CPR training classes have state approved certification cards issued directly at the end of the class from your instructor.
Siri teaching infant CPR Parent CPR Students
Instructor Siri   Choking moms in action
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Babysitters, Massage therapists, Moms and Dads, Chiropractors, Church groups, all join the fun!

First Aid Training

Hands-on practice is featured in
stopping bleeding, broken bones,
burns, seiures, and strokes.
Discussions on bee stings,
allergic reactions, tooth knocked
out, poisoning, and other
customized topics to your licensing
needs. First Aid cards issued at
completion of class.

First Aid Information

AED Training

Add on AED training to your CPR class for certification in how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). These devices are commonly found in many public venues, and prompt use of one doubles the chances of survival for the cardiac arrest victim. Only a half hour of additional time for this certification, and costing $5 per person additional.

AED Training Information

Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Training

Add on OSHA approved BBP training to any of our other courses for certification showing you've undergone the training in how to recognize and protect yourself and others from Blood Borne Pathogens (HIV, AIDS, and others). Only a half hour of additional time for this certification, and costing $5 per per person additional.

BBP Information

Los Angeles (LA) and San Jose CPR Training

Our company has CPR trainers stationed widely across our metro areas to serve you. Los Angeles (LA) CPR training is done at your location anywhere in Southern California including Orange, LA, and Ventura Counties, and occasionally San Diego County bookings. Our Los Angeles CPR Training office also coordinates bookings for our San Jose CPR training branch. From our San Jose branch, we serve the whole San Francisco Bay Area and as far South as Monterey Bay. Our San Jose CPR training has been active for over 15 years, and our Los Angeles (LA) CPR training for over 19 years. We have only stayed in business that long because we truly give our clients the best in the industry.

CPR Class Information

Varies as to type of class, group size, and location. We can serve you at your chosen site with a minimum group size commitment or minimum fee. Our combined CPR-First aid course is about $39~$46 per individual, with our cards being valid twice as long as Red Cross CPR. CPR or First Aid by itself can also be arranged. We are a great value, and we hear over and over again that our courses are the most fun of any CPR our students have ever taken! We guarantee our price is the best value of any professional Los Angeles CPR training or San Jose CPR training company by matching any reputable quote offered. Course satisfaction is always guaranteed, or you do not pay. Special programs available for non-profit and low income groups.

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