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  • We come to you, on your schedule. Focused, fast, fun!
  • As you can see, CPR is VERY serious business. Thankfully our instructors aren’t. :) ~~

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  • Where are our classes?

    For groups, we come to you on your schedule. Individuals come to one of our public classes.
  • How soon can we book a date?

    Sometimes within a couple days, but one to two weeks notice is suggested.
  • How soon do we receive our certification cards?

    AHA and EMSA child care cards usually right at the end of class; Red Cross cards usually within 24 hours by email.
  • What do we need space wise at our office?

    A conference room works well, or just enough room for students to practice on the floor. Carpeted floors are helpful.
  • How and when do we pay?

    Companies can pay by check or credit card, and be invoiced.  Individuals pre-pay online here.
  • Anything else needed for the class?

    Some classes need a DVD/TV others don't.  Your instructor will let you know when they confirm head counts 48 hours before.
  • Call our office with any other questions

    Pricing is on each region's page on our site. And prices are guaranteed lowest of any comparable class in your area.  Book with confidence. Thanks for considering JTA CPR.

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